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Career & Technical Education programs today! 

South Kingstown High School is now offering 4 Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs starting in the 2018-19 school year. Students are being accepted from both within our district and also from around the State. Students who enroll in a CTE program will have the potential to gain college credits, industry certifications, internship experiences, among other program benefits. 

Why Enroll in a CTE Program?

  • All 50 states report higher graduation rates for secondary CTE students than all students.

  • 78% of CTE graduates enroll in post-secondary education full time.

  • 94% of today's high school students experience some degree of CTE courses.

  • 81% of high school dropouts say real-world skills education would've kept them in school. 

  •  82% of CTE students say they're "satisfied" with career opportunities.

  • 80% of CTE students say CTE classes helped them "know where they were headed".

  • 76% of CTE students say learning about a career cluster helped them get better grades. 

  • in all 50 states, high school graduate rates for CTE students are 3%-22% higher than state averages. 

2019-2020 CNA students looking so professional in their new scrubs! These students are set to begin their clinical rotations this month! Wish them luck if you see them. 



Opportunities in Studio Art CTE:

Offering Coursework and internship towards becoming a craft & fine artist, visual arts designer, and/or visual arts educator, as well as EEP credit through Rhode Island College.


Opportunities in Allied Health CTE:

Offering State of RI CNA & EMT certification course and field work for SKHS students; eligible for licensure exams upon completion of course and field work.

CNA students will complete 20 hours of field work experience at South County Hospital.

EMT students will complete 20 hours of field work experience at Charlestown Fire & Rescue.

Both CTE’s will require students to pass licensure exams to be certified (NNAAP exam for CNA students and NREMT exam for EMT students).


Opportunities in Construction Technology CTE:

Course and field work offering NECTF Apprenticeship Program entry at Level 2 (Level 1 will be waived), as well as entry into Carpenters Union Workforce as a member once the application process is completed, which includes student attending a 1.5 hr. information session, favorable interview, passing of a drug test, a 1 week skills assessment, and a 1 weeks safety of apprenticeship training.


Students are required to earn OSHA 10 certification, as well as earn Level 1, 2, and 3 Residential NECTF certification.


Opportunities in Computer Science CTE:

Coursework offering as many as 20 Computer Science credits at the University of RI; an internship will enable students in this CTE program to apply skills gained through course work in real world settings. If optional Xerox Technician Certification course is taken, students will be exposed to the Xerox Digital Career Pathway as well.

What the Students are Saying...

Olivia Santucci, Student

I love the new CNA Program! It is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn something off the traditional high school path. I really like the instructor and love that we have to do some work at a college-level pace. It gives us an advantage because we will graduate as CNA's. 

Lauren Conley, Student

So far I have liked that this class is very hands-on, which I think makes it easier to learn the concepts. It is very beneficial to learn by doing the activities.

Matthew Narkevicius, Student

I started at North Bennet Street School last week. It has only been a week but I am already in love! Mr. Swanson and the Carpentry CTE are the reason I am where I am in life right now...I can't begin to describe my appreciation

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