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SKHS Fall Internship Success Stories!

Jonah Cutting

Jonah Cutting turned his internship at DiStefano Brothers Construction into a part-time job, being offered the position after doing such great work during the semester.  Congrats Jonah!

Cole Podedworny

Cole Podedworny was offered a summer position at South County Orthopedics after his internship concluded in January. Cole, who is busy with SKHS baseball in the spring, plans on working at South County Ortho once the season ends. Congrats Cole!

Fall Intern Gets First Article Published!


Fall Internship student Elyssa Axelrod interned at The Narragansett Times this Fall and had the opportunity to write her first published article to end the semester. Elyssa wrote her article about our SKHS "Showcase Night" that took place on January 30th. Check out the article by clicking on the Times logo!

What is the SKHS Internship Program?

A program for all students who wish to gain first-hand experience in careers they are interested in pursuing in the future. Since the inception of this program, students have interned in a number of different career fields, and we are always adding to our industry partners. Below you'll find some of the places our kids have been interning at: 

Julia Westcott, CPA

Who is Eligible to Take Part?

All seniors at South Kingstown High School are eligible to participate in the Internship Program with the understanding that they are meeting all of the SKHS student obligations.  The principal, or his/her designee, reserves the right to  deny or withdraw a student when (1) a student is not on-track to graduate and/or has not met Graduation benchmarks, (2) a student does not meet the expectations set forth with the code of conduct listed in student handbook and/or (3) a student is chronically absent or tardy. In terms of priority, students enrolled in a CTE program will get first priority placement into the Internship Program, however not being enrolled in a CTE does not exclude you from taking this internship class. 

How Does it Work in the School Day?

The Internship class runs during the 3rd & 4th periods on “Blue” days for an entire semester. Third period is our school lunch period so students will start off the period by going to lunch. They will then meet with the Internship teacher during 2nd lunch in a classroom setting, learning a variety of necessary skills to be successful in the workplace. Student interns will then participate in their Internships for the rest of third period and all of period four. Students are expected to participate in their Internship from 12:00-2:02.

How Do Students Get to Internships?

Although students are responsible for transportation, SKHS will offer help with public transportation and in-house internships to those in need.

Student Interns Hard at Work!

Questions? Contact Internship & Career Pathway Coordinator Scott Rollins at

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